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How to try out tantric sex


Tantric Sex first evolved in India in the 5th century and was known as a method to please the Hindu Gods but it got popular in the Western culture in 1960s and 70s.

Tantric Sex is the deep union with your partner through physical joining while bringing out your innermost and wildest sexual desires.

In tantric sex , the physical connection is considered to be a sacred act with the aim of being completely bare from within and submitting yourself to your partner. This not only gives you mindblowing sex but also gives you a healthier relationship with your partner as you connect with them at an eternal level. Tantric sex is also known to keep away habits you always wanted to get rid of like smoking and drinking since this gives you more pleasure than these vices.

Tantra is a process so to get started,follow these steps-

The Yab Yum Pose– This pose that is known to unite couples on the deepest level has three stages to get the fire burning between the two of you. First sit on your knees and face each other while looking into each other’s eyes. Second, sit with your butts touching the bed or floor and the woman wraps her legs around the man slowly and loosely. And finally, the woman sits in the man’s lap while wrapping herself tightly around the man and their chests sticking to each other. The sexual desire goes on increasing as your go closer to your partner and touch each other.

The massage– Tantric massage is slightly different from the normal one. The receiver lies bare bodied facing the bed and a blanket covers their lower half. The giver then massages very softly incorporating feathers, flower petals, hot wax, massage oil and light fingers to arouse the senses. Slowly and slowly more of the blanket is removed and more body parts are relaxed.The receiver can also turn, to get these slow moves on their front.

Try the KHSS formula or CAT Touch– These techniques help you slow down, indulge more into foreplay and come out with your hidden desires and leave behind the guilt and shame. Now go unleash the hot desire within !

Summarised upto 64% from Tantric Sex : Once you tap into it,  you won’t  believe  what you have been missing