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How to make oral sex more pleasurable


Using your mouth on your partner and making them feel pleasurable is an art. And to master this art, know these points-

Talk about it- Communicating with your partner about what moves you like , what turns you on and whether you like it or not can be of great help. Just as talking to them about their preferences will make you better at your job.Stay connected while you go down on them by maintaining a regular eye-contact.

Make yourself desirable- Keep clear off pubic hair , scrub your skin and make sure you smell good and eat strawberries or pineapple , so that you taste good as well.

Don’t rush- If your partner has a penis, take time to explore their genitalia, kiss their neck, chest, thighs and penis head. Pamper the Scrotum frenulum and butt cheeks with you mouth and hands. Kissing , sucking and stroking their body parts is a huge turn on for men as well. Tease them by licking their shaft, kissing and sucking it while you use your hands on it too. If you’re to go down on your girl, caress her breasts, kiss and suck her lips, neck, belly breasts and thighs. Play with your tongue and use fast movements to tease her before you actually suck her vulva , vagina or the clit. You can also finger her while you lick her clitoris or use your hands to stimulate her while using your mouth elsewhere.

Try 69- Mutual action is the way to go. Find the comfortable position and get going.

Hand movements- Don’t just focus on your mouth, use your hands too. Touch your partner all over, scratch them, hold them tight or stimulate them to take the excitement to a whole new level.

Don’t Focus on climaxing- While Climaxing is the most pleasurable part , don’t give all your attention to it. Have fun, take your time, seduce each other and ejaculation is sure to follow.
Now go grab your partner and moisten them! 😉

Summarised upto 65% from 7 hacks to make oral sex better,  because it’s not only about your mouth