These iPhone tricks will supercharge your texting experience

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These iPhone tricks will supercharge your texting experienceWe probably spend more time texting on our phones than we do calling. While you can do a lot of cools things while sending texts (This is the best messaging trick on iPhone to save your privacy) , there is a range of interesting changes you can do that will change how you receive your texts. While the tricks might seem cool , and are pretty easy to execute, you can actually turn them into something more useful with proper implementation.

Set highly customized vibrations

You can use hidden settings in your iPhone to create really cool customized vibrations. To do this simply go to settings and then move to sounds followed by ringtone and finally vibration. Scroll to the bottom and you will find the option to create new vibrations. Tap on the screen as many times you want, create a pattern if you want to and save the custom vibration. Assigning these custom vibrations to your contacts can actually make the feature more useful. Choose a particular contact and assign him/her a custom made vibration to understand who texted you without even looking at your screen.

Turn the lights on

If you often put your phone on silence, this might be useful for you. You can use your iPhone’s flash to alert you when you receive a text or call. To do this, go to settings followed by general. Open accessibility (This trick lets you active iPhone’s hidden magnifying glass) and you can turn on “Flash for Alerts”.

Go ahead, change the way you receive texts.