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How to make your orgasms hotter than you crave for

How to make your orgasms hotter than you crave for

Female orgasms are now understood better by both men and women. Girls try toys, foreplay or seducing to make their time with their partner blazing hot. Here are a few tips that can help help you further and get your engines running –

Here is how to make your orgasms hotter than you crave for –

  • Get fit-  It is known that higher levels of Oxytocin can lead to better and longer orgasms and exercising , taking long walks or jogging release more oxytocin in the body. Also your muscles in that area relax and contract during sex hence it is important to strengthen them.
  • Know yourself better-  Pleasure is directly proportional to how much you know your body and how comfortable you are in your skin. Masturbating is an amazing way to know what falls flat for you and what drives you crazy. And Sex coach Danielle Cavallucci says -”masturbating trains your body to orgasm better.”
  • Warm up-  If you don’t find yourself sensitive enough, you can try using a warming cream to get those sensations. Or find yourself too stressed? Try using a relaxation Oil which not only helps reduce stress but also relaxes during the muscle contraction and shallow breathing that happen in a sex session. An Essential Oil Diffuser can also make the surroundings blissful and super sexy.
  • Position matters– Sex experts suggest a position that leads to mind-melting orgasms called “The Bridge”. It is a missionary-like raised-hips position that provides deep penetration and continuous stimulation for your G-spot.
  • Indulge in Foreplay-  Rev up your libido by bringing in plenty of foreplay. You could gear this up by using some sex games and making your partner do a sexy task as a part of your hot foreplay. Don’t just rush to the main part as foreplay is all about anticipation which is very instrumental in giving you the so desired intense orgasm.
  • Eat up your way to an orgasm-  Aphrodisiacs (foods and herbs that naturally increase you libido) can make your sessions wilder as they not only get you in the mood but also increase blood flow for a super hot climax.

Got them?
Now go make use of these tips 😉

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