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Myths about breast size – debunked


Breast size grow

Breasts are a woman’s most adorned body part. The tussle about the ‘Perfect’ bust size will continue forever. Increasing bust size is a trend these days with a lot of girls getting Breast Implants done. Your breast size is a product of genetics, hormones and some external factors like exercise, weight fluctuations and contraception. Some myths about increasing cupsize prevail in the common parlance but this is what you need to know-

Workouts- Exercising can make you look fuller by weight loss, toning your waist area and improving posture.The notion that exercising your pectoral muscles can make your breast larger is a myth as the breasts do not not a muscle in them which can be toned and toning the pectoral muscles underneath does not affect the bust size much.

Weight change– Since boobs possess a fatty tissue, when you gain weight it gets distributed all over the body including your bosom which makes them larger. And when you lose weight suddenly, it reduces Collagen and Elastin which make boobs cheeky.

Massage Creams and Pills- Companies may keep proclaiming that their cream or pill increases blood flow to breasts, can increase the fatty tissue or the like to convince you but truth is that using these creams and pills is nothing but a waste of time and money. None of such products can actually make a difference.

Periods and Pregnancy- Hormones are the natural cause of breast size changes. It’s known that the breast size in a month is at its peak just before your menstruation as after ovulation, Estrogen and Progesterone levels are the highest. Even during pregnancy, breast size increase as the Prolactin levels shoot up and the breasts prepare themselves for the lactation process.

Contraceptive pills- In earlier days taking a contraceptive pill increased the bust size as it contained a high amount of Estrogen and thus boobs swelled up. But the modern contraceptive pills are free from such side effects as they have very less or no estrogen.

Whatsoever may be the size of your bosom, know that it’s Beautiful.
Love thyself ! 🙂

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