Researchers found the best day to start a goal

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New year is around the corner, are you planning to start a new goal? A new research published in psychological science claims to have found the best day to start one.

So which day is it? Contrary to what you may think, it’s Monday. And that’s not enough, the day after your birthday, New Year, or an anniversary are great too for starting a new goal. The reason is simple, they all signify beginning of something new.

It is well known to researchers that when we want to start a new goal , we want to keep the past, our hold habits behind and begin afresh. Starting afresh motivates us more to pursue new goals.

People look for days that separates their new prospective self from the old one, these days are called “temporal landmarks” by researchers. Hence Monday (beginning of a new week) is considered better than others.

Researchers also observed an increase in search for words like diet at the beginning of week, month, year further confirming their results.

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