Simple ways to use smartphones without ruining your neck.

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We spend, on average, 5 hours everyday on our phones looking down at it. Looking down at our portable devices for so long can definitely cause stress in neck muscles. Here is how to avoid a stiff neck while using your device.

1) Change the way you use your smartphone.

Demonstrated below by Kate Galliett, strength and conditioning coach and movement specialist is a definitely a better way to use your devices.

2) Change the way you look at your device.

Ask yourself whether it is actually necessary to bend down your neck while looking down at your device. Try this – put the phone in your lap, keep your head in a straight position and just flex your eyes to look down at your device instead of actually bending down your neck. Does it work for you? If yes, make it a habit. It maybe difficult in beginning, but keep practising this habit and your neck will thank you for sure.

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