The easiest hacks to be a morning person.

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Always wanted to be a morning person? Here are the easiest ways to be one –

1) Master your night to master your morning.

If you want to be a morning person, make sure you are strict about your night schedule. Be sure to have end times for work, tv or whatever it is that keeps you awake at night.

2) Improve with small milestones

Don’t try to wake up at 7 am at once if you usually wake up at 9. Set small milestones, try to wake up 5 minutes earlier today, 10 minutes a few days later and so on.

3) Make sure to wake up at same time everyday

Once you are able to wake up at the time you aspire to, make sure to follow it everyday, even on weekends.

4)Have a bedrooms that makes it easy to wake up.

Keep your alarm as far as possible or use these alarm apps sure to wake you up. Make sure you get in the maximum light in your room in the morning, keep your exercise gear/ yoga mat closer to your bed.

5) Have an activity that excites you? Do that in the morning.

Dedicate your morning to yourself. Do something that excites you and will have a positive impact on your mood and body. Have a healthy breakfast, go for a walk, write in the morning if that excites you.

Summarised up to 60% by Brevity from – Start Now: This Is How You’re Going to Finally Be a Morning Person Next Year