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These hacks will help you climax together with your partner


Pleasure is at the core of sexual activity. Women take about 10-20 minutes more than men to climax but how amazing it would be if you both could climax together. The most important trick for this would be to know what arouses you partner the most by communicating with each other and using a lot of lubrication for easy movement. These positions could also make your day (or rather night)-

Let her be on top – The ‘woman on top’ or ‘Arc De Triomph’ are great positions to control the speed and arouse her by letting her take control and for both of you to climax together.

From the back – While Doggy style can bring dual orgasm, standing back to back in a shower and stimulating yourself and touching each other can be so hot.

Wait and watch – The guy can play the Voyeur and the girl masturbates bringing them on the same page , before they have sex.

Oral sex – ’69’ can be an amazing game of giving and receiving and hence experiencing the divine pleasure together.
Now take your romance to a higher level by being moist together !

Summarised up to 70% from 7 sex positions that will help you climax at the same time