Doing these things everyday will make you more intelligent

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Doing these things everyday will make you more intelligent
One of the greatest thing children possess is there ability to learn quickly. Everyday they are coming across new things and learning things they did not know before. As we grow older, sure our expertise grows in a few areas but overall the process of learning is slowed. Learning new things everyday ( Here are the simple habits that make you super smart) is bound to make you more intelligent and here are few things you can do everyday to be more smarter everyday :

Get out of your comfort zone – Keep taking on challenges, work on things you did not know about. Think of it as resistance training for your brain. Try to learn new things and be open to them.

Engage in small mental tasks – There are tasks that courtesy our smartphones, we tend to avoid doing by ourselves. Remembering names, locations, numbers or doing small calculations. Make sure you do it by yourself whenever an opportunity allows.

Connect with people – Sometimes you may find it difficult by yourself to learn new things or explore new experiences. Networking allows you to bring new people in your life that further opens up the opportunity for you to engage in new experiences.

Summarized up to 80% from – 5 things you should do every day to increase your intelligence.