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This is the best exercising method for losing weight


Have you been trying to lose weight through exercise but do not know the best method? The experts also do not have a unanimous answer. Some suggest Endurance type exercise which is done at a moderate intensity or steady state while others emphasize on Resistance training as that can lead to a sustained increase in BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) that persists long after exercise.

Another method is High Intensity Training , which is a kind of exercise done at low or moderate intensity with several intervals of high intensity exercises called ‘all out’. Other experts may focus on increasing day-to-day activity like walking more steps everyday, playing a sport or using a staircase in place of an elevator.

But the answer is simple- The best kind of exercise is the one that you can do. You may try a combination of various exercises that suit you and get the benefit of each. Another important task is to monitor your calorie intake. If you do not overeat or consume more calories , you wouldn’t have to toil to shed those extra kilos.

But while all this, keep in mind that losing weight is simply not a function of exercise, and depends on a lot of other biological, behavioral, psychlogical and genetic factors. Also exercise has several other benefits than just getting rid of that extra fat.

Happy exercising! 🙂

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