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This Is The Best Time Of The Day To Workout For Weight Loss


In our recent few stories,  we have covered a lot regarding weight loss –

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In this story, we cover another dimension  related to weight loss,  that is,  time.  Is there a relationship between your time of exercising  and weight loss?  The answer is yes.

Recent researches suggest  that exercising before breakfast in the early morning  speeds up weight loss and primes the body for all day fat burn resulting in higher energy levels.

What is the reason behind this?

Well there are two –

1)  Instead of burning your latest snack/food item, your body uses your fat reserves for the fuel required  for the exercise.

2) Furthermore daylight has a role to play in your weight loss. When you align your circadian rhythms with the natural world your metabolism is boosted.

Now you know why should be hitting the gym early,  don’t you?

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