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This simple habit makes your child healthier, smarter and happier


Imagine if there was a single habit you could adopt as a parent that would make your child more happier , healthier and smarter. What else would you want for your child? That miraculous habit is putting your child early to bed (ideally between 6 P.M to 8 P.M). Researches suggest that many children do not get the requisite amount of sleep they should be getting. Here is why it’s a super great idea to put your child early to sleep –

Sleep benefits –

Many studies have found that kids who go to sleep late take longer to sleep and are more likely to wake up during the middle of the night as compared to children who go to bed earlier. So if you want your child to get appropriate sleep, make sure they go to bed early. Furthermore when your child goes to sleep is as important as how much your child sleeps. Restorative sleep (the kind of sleep that makes you more relaxed and comes with many health benefits) is known to take place during the sleep that happens earlier in the night rather than late night or early morning sleep. Hence putting child earlier to bed will get him/her get more of it.

Mood and attention –

Children who go to bed earlier tend to be more well behaved, have better working memory and attention, and are likely to be at lower risk of motor and social deficits. Even teens who go to sleep before 10 P.M are less likely to be depressed and suicidal.

Health benefits –

Lack of sleep has been found to be associated with obesity ( Read – Want to get overweight? Sleep late at night.) And guess what, even if your child who goes to bed late at night gets equal amount of sleep to that of child who goes to bed early, your child is still more likely to be overweight.

How to find the ideal time for your child to sleep?

While it’s ideal for the child to be asleep by 8 P.M . Here are two cues to help you find the right time –

1) Watch the behavior of your child between 4 to 6 P.M (if toddler) and 5 to 7 P.M (if older). If your child is more grumpy, irritable rather than alert and playful, it’s advisable to put your child to bed early.

2) Try putting your child to bed 20 minutes earlier than usual, if your child sleeps easily, that is likely to depict that the child should be going to bed earlier.

And finally, how to achieve putting your child early to bed?

Definitely a few lifestyle changes are required from the parents. You can work around with dinner (make it earlier so you can provide it early to your child), ask child’s caretaker to start the bedtime routine earlier and most importantly remember that it’s necessarily not important to change timing from 9 P. M. to 8 P. M. , even a small change of 20 or 30 minutes can produce positive results.

Time to raise smarter children.

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