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This two step process can help you have the best sex ever


It is indeed every girl’s desire to be the best girl her guy has ever known, to be the queen of his heart and his Sex Goddess in bed. But to make that real there is only one thing you need and that is –

Enthusiasm – We often get busy with our work, pay less attention to ourselves or struggle with screwed up self body image. In the middle of the sex our minds are wandering somewhere else or we are drenched in some other thought , all of which makes sex very less exciting, so to give him his best sex ever and get back your enthusiasm, follow this two-step process –

Make every time like your first time – Remember how hot your first sex was? That was because then you had completely given in to him, you were completely focused on each sensation his body gave you and you were present in the moment unlike the times that followed later. So while you are indulging with him, forget everything for a while and enjoy to your fullest and see how you drive him crazy for you.

Indulge in the moment – Do not passively have sex. Seduce him, burn him with desire, moan , shout his name and caress his body, kiss him all over and grab him hard. Make him feel how badly you want him. Encourage him by guiding him and thereafter watch his sexual devil awaken. To be his best , make him feel like the best man on earth.
Have a good time !

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