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Want depression? Keep binge watching your favourite show


All of us are well aware that spending too much to time being sedentary , with our gadgets like phones, computer screens or television has its own set of cons. But this was brought to light by a report released at American Public Health Association recently.

According to the report, 35% of those who watched TV for more than 2 hours/ day, were more depressed than those who didn’t. 77% of all respondents said they watched TV for more than 2 hours/day while 35% watched way more.

Another phenomenon seen was that depressed people watched more television than others. So it’s like a loop where depression leads to excessive watching, which leads to more anxiety, hence depression.

Binge watchers also reported high levels of stress and sleep disorders. They were also at a higher risk of chronic illnesses like Cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes.

Summarised upto 62% from Binge watching  may lead to depression, other health problems