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How to wear a bra that is perfect for you

How to wear a bra that is perfect for you

Bras are your most intimate clothes hence it is really essential to be wearing the right-sized bra for your and your breasts’ health. It also makes your clothes look better fitted on you. Know these hacks to wear the right brassiere-

  • Calculate your size- To be able to wear the right sized underbodice you need to first know your bra size. To do that, calculate you band size and bust size by using a measuring tape and measuring around just below your breasts and around the fullest part of your breasts respectively. Subtract the band size from the bust size to obtain your cup size. 1 inch corresponds to A cup size, 2 inches to B and so on. Your underband and cups should neither be too loose nor be hurting your body, if they do then you’re definitely not wearing the right size.
  • Check your straps – Similarly pay attention to your straps for they provide a lot of support to your bosom, so they should neither be falling off not be digging your shoulders. Straps not just support the cups but also the sides of your breasts.
  • Pay attention to the fabric and underwire- Fabric is important as your bra keeps so close to your body, so it shouldn’t be made of any material that causes irritation and is not comfortable. Buy a bra which lets your skin breath and is soft. Also if you have a larger bust size , check that your underwire covers your breasts right.There should be no space between your cup and body and the wires should not be squeezing or cutting your breasts.
  • Try before you buy– Before buying , try the fit of your underbodice. It will not only help you check if it fits your right but you can also try wearing it under your tee or top to know how it looks inside them.
  • Sports bras- If you’re a sport lover or go to the gym, you would definitely own a sports bra. Sports bras should be a little firm around your body so that when you indulge in an activity, it keeps your body upright. It should not be too stretchy but soft on your skin and can have a broader band below your breasts to offer more support. Before buying one , you can try wearing it and do some movements to be sure that it keeps your bust in place and is comfortable at the same time.
  • Technology can help you– These days there are some apps that determine your bust size and offer you the kind of bra you need in real time. Try using some of them , they may help you.

So no more sagging or too tightly held breasts !

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