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How to wear a bra that is perfect for you

Bras are your most intimate clothes hence it is really essential to be wearing the right-sized bra for your and your breasts’ health. It also makes your clothes look better fitted on you. Know these hacks to wear the right brassiere- Calculate your size- To

Here is the simplest trick to manage your curls

Managing curly hair is definitely not an easy thing. You might have tried sufficient amount of “tips” or expensive products to manage them or enhance them. Finally , there is a very simple hack that actually works and it is called plopping. Plopping is a

How to fold a T-shirt in 3 seconds

Are you one of thoseĀ  who goes to other people to get their tshirts folded? I was one such person but no longer after coming across this trick that helps you fold a tshirt in just three seconds (for those who already know how to