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How to lose weight without exercising

Thought it was impossible to lose weight without exercising? Here are some quick tips on how to lose weight without exercising :- 1. Try to avoid stress eating. Instead of seeking comfort in eating, engage in other activities that you like (reading, watching movies etc)

Here is the simplest trick to eat less

Obesity continues to grow globally. Most of the nations have failed in their ambitious aim of curbing “childhood obesity”. Haven’t you tried to eat less or control your intake during festivals and holidays (which seems most certainly impossible) and failed. Well, here is a simple

Want to be overweight? Sleep late at night.

Researchers at the University of California Berkeley , after following 3,342 adolescents into adulthood and examining their BMI and bedtimes concluded that teens and adults who are getting more sleep are less likely to gain weight than those staying up late at night. Researched found