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How to deal with high stress at your office

Workplace are often identified as the leading cause of stress and the harms of stress are well known. Sometimes you may think of leaving your job, sometimes you may think of resorting to other means for the catharsis of your stress ( which might be

How working 9 to 5 harms your productivity

Do you work from 9 to 5? A lot of us common folks do. Ever thought how working 9 to 5 harms your productivity? What began during the British Industrial Revolution between 1840 to 1860 – the 8 hour work shift, continues to haunt us

Here is how to be happier at work

Are you satisfied with your job? A majority of people are not.  Compensation, flexibility, your interest in the job can all effect how you feel about it. More and more people today, especially millennials, value job satisfaction over their compensation. While a lot of factors