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Here are the best apps for putting your kids to sleep

Here are the best apps for putting your kids to sleep

Putting your child to sleep is one of the toughest tasks in world. Period. Doesn’t require any explanation. But like everything else, there are apps that can help you put your kid to bed (almost ) –

Apps that work both on ios and Android –

1) Sleepy sounds – The apps plays soothing nature sounds and lullabies on loop aided with amazing animations to light up your kid’s room.

2) Nighty night – This app is designed by Oscar-nominated illustrator Heidi Wittlinger, It is a story app about animals on a farm going to sleep one by one. Hope your child does the same.

3) Headspace for kids – Headspace is one of the best mindful meditation apps in the market right now. Fortunately , there is a version for your child as well. Peace of mind, for real.

Apps that work only on ios – 

In case you use ios, you can have enjoy some apps exclusive to iPhone owners. Goodnight safari, Baby slusher, Nott won’t sleep and Sleep hero are some of the must have apps if you would like to have a good sleep tonight and want your child to have one as well.


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