How to browse privately on your iPhone in an easy way

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How to browse privately on your iPhone easilyDo you worry about your privacy while browsing the web? Do you worry about the information being collected by the sites you visit about you? Do you wish your browser had an easier method for deleting passwords, cookies and history. Then there is a new app you need to try.

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The new app comes from the stable of reliable and trustworthy Mozilla, makers of Firefox browser. The new ios app developed by Mozilla is called Firefox Focus.What makes it special is how simply it blocks trackers so that you don’t have to see any unwanted apps.

The app easily erases your history by deleting passwords, trackers and cookies. Furthermore, it also helps you browse faster by removing trackers and ads leading to webpages loading much faster.

The app will be launched for Android depending on the response on ios. If you are an iPhone user, you can try it here.