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You can get paid for using this app made by Google

You can get paid for using this app made by GoogleBeing an internet user, you might have definitely come across one of those spammy ads saying Google paid someone X amount last week and things like that. But what if there was actually a way for you to receive money from Google? Apparently all you need to do is use an app made by Google itself.

Google Opinion Rewards lets you earn money by taking part in surveys and sharing your opinions.The app made by Google Consumer Surveys lets you earn in Google Play Credits.

Using the app is really easy. Once you download the app you will need to answer some really basic questions about yourself. Once a week, you will receive a survey and will be informed through notifications. Furthermore, you can get up to $1 in Play Credits for completing surveys.

Although there is nothing new about making money by taking part in polls, Google doing it means you are being part of something credible. So what are you waiting for, go make some money.


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