This hidden iPhone feature can save your life during an emergency

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iPhone feature can save your life during an emergencyMost of the biggest companies are working on technologies like machine learning, virtual reality, artificial intelligence etc to win over consumers. But sometimes it is just the simple stuff, a small hidden feature (This iPhone feature helps you sleep better), or just a simple prompt that makes you really appreciate the work that goes behind making great software.

While there are many hidden features in iPhone (This trick lets you activate iPhone’s hidden magnifying glass), this one stands out for its utility (not a very difficult to find feature though). Medical ID in your iPhone can probably save your life during an emergency. Your Medical ID on your iPhone contains crucial information about your health (from blood group to what you are allergic to) .

In case anyone reaches an unfortunate state where they have lost their consciousness or can’t answer anything properly, you can simply have a look at their Medical ID and help them better.

How can you access it? Click on Emergency at the bottom left when you see the password screen and then click on Medical ID.

It’s not very difficult to update your information. Go to the health app, click at the bottom right and you can add things like emergency contacts, medical information etc. In case you don’t want anybody to access this information without your password, you can disable that through “Show when locked” at the top. You can also delete your Medical ID by scrolling to the bottom of the screen.

Make sure to turn this feature on.