This iPhone hack allows you to boost your cell reception

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This iPhone hack allows you to boost your cell receptionYour phone can do a variety of things but what if it failed to perform the most basic function it is made for ? One of the thing that annoys you the most when you are trying to make a call is poor cell reception.

What is the first thing that you do? Well,you move your hands in the air with your phone hoping you would get a better signal. But with iPhone, there is a better solution (Read: This notification trick in iPhone is really cool) that easily boosts your cell reception.

That solution is turning on your iPhone’s wifi assist. When you do that, you can make calls over Wi-Fi.

Here is how to do it –

1) Go to settings and select phone.
2) Tap on wifi calling.
3) Enable the feature twice (turn on the feature and enable through the popup as well).

That’s not all. You will also be made to register your location (make a place where you spend most of your time as your registered location as you may forget to change it every time you change your location) . You must do it for the purpose of your safety (Read – Never forget where you parked your car with this iPhone feature). If you don’t do this, 911 will not be able to track your location which it is does with your cell signal.

No more moving your hands in the air for reception.