Here is the simplest way to turn your old print photos into digital ones

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simplest way to turn your old print photos into digital onesRemember the time when you would take photos , give the roll to someone running a photo studio , wait for a few days for them to develop and bring back home. You weren’t sure what you clicked until they really developed and turned into tangible objects. The truth is, all of us have bunch of old photos in print.

These photos help you remember old times, people, memories. They are special and there is no way you want to lose them. They are your family heritage. But what is the best way to turn them into digital entities so that they are never lost or ruined by physical troubles.

Scanning your photos one by one can be a lengthy task. Pictures clicked of your old print photos from your phone’s camera suck too. So what can you do? Well, Google (This app by google helps you make money) has an answer with its new app.

Photoscan by Google allows you to scan print photos and turn them into digital ones. The adjuvant app is not rich in feature, and to be honest, it doesn’t require many as it gets the main task done beautifully.

You open the app and the camera loads, you can choose to turn flash on or off. Take a picture of the photo, the app then creates circles on top of photo’s edges. Move your camera on top of these edges one by one leading to a great scan of your print photo.

You can choose to save the images to device, rotate or crop the image once a scan is done. Simple? Sure it is. Utility? You decide. You can check out Photoscan here. The app is available both for android and ios.