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This iPhone feature helps you sleep better

 iPhone feature helps you sleep betterWhen it comes to sleeping, every night is a battle between you and your phone. But what if there was a feature in your iPhone that helps you sleep better? (Here are the best sleeping hacks you need to know) Apparently, there is one such feature.

The Clock app in iOS 10 (A small list of the best iPhone hacks) can help you with sleeping on time and help you achieve overall better health as sleeping and waking up everyday on time is healthier for you. The new feature is called Bedtime.

It asks you when would you like to sleep, how many hours of sleep would you like to get and when would you like to wake up on which day. It motivates you to manage a consecutive sleep pattern and suggests you to sleep on time by buzzing accordingly.

Here is how to access it :

  • Open your clock app and select the Bedtime tap
  • Click on Get Started and select your wake up time, which days you want to wake up on that time and how many hours of zzzzs do you want.
  • Now simply select when would you like your bedtime reminder and select your wake up sound. Save and you are done.

Getting good sleep should not be rocket science.