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These planning and organisation hacks will make you productive everyday


Working smarter is always better than working harder. Planning is another key factor involved- Foresightedness and strategic planning can help you prevent a lot of mishaps. Organizing and maintaining your files and notes can increase your productivity manifold. A few ways to better organize yourself are-

  • Backward planning – a technique in which you plan your task starting from the deadline and allot time to each sub task depending on the time required by it.
  • Planning everyday – When you plan your day, you not only become more organised but also gain encouragement for all the goals that seemed unconquerable initially.
  • Using specialized tools for organisation – you may use Grantt charts or Google Keep in the longer run, to write all your tasks in cards or lists and later chuck them off, as and when they are accomplished. This helps you keep check of time and also acts as a reminder.
  • Have a fixed routine – If you follow the same discipline everyday, like having the same breakfast , wearing same kinds of clothes, driving the same route, your life gets much simpler and you can save your mental energy for complex operations. Also, preparing for the next day beforehand works a great deal.

Stay Disciplined , Stay Productive!